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Wire Rope and Web Sling Specialists

Rope Services Direct can cater for all your rope and webbing needs. We specialize in galvanized steel and stainless steel wire rope and can custom make any assembly to your requirements, so whether you need some fine wire cables for your garden or a robust crane rope, RSD can sort you out in no time thanks to our own workshop and industrial pressing facilities.

Another of our specialities is webbing products, such as web slings, cargo restraints and ratchet lashings. All made to order in our own clean factory by our experienced team and range of industrial sewing machines.  Fibre ropes are also hand spliced in this department.

Wire Rope Workshop

In our workshop we produce many different types of rope assemblies on a daily basis, some of the most common types we produce are trailer ropes, rigging rope, lifting slings, zip wires and many custom assemblies. We often supply many multiples of these to our regular customers; however we are happy to make individual ropes for special tasks.

Wire ropes come in many different constructions, for example, right or left hand lay; wire or fibre core, and the amount or fibres and wires included in the completed rope. It can easily become confusing especially if you add in the non-rotating rope option. Talk to the specialists about your needs to ensure you get the right one for your intended purpose. Using the wrong rope can be disastrous.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless steel rope is used in different tasks and areas to galvanized rope, this is because of its differing properties. Due to the fact that stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing to the eye it is popular for home interior projects like balustrade on stairs, hanging shelves or other decorative features. As stainless is very corrosion resistant its outdoor use is endless, perfect for highlighting garden areas or as decking balustrades.

We also supply stainless steel rope to the water treatment industries where it is constantly utilised in wet conditions. The marine and aviation sectors also use stainless steel rope for many tasks. More commercially these ropes are used in architecture and as safety barriers in public areas.

Fibre Ropes

Our range of fibre rope is split into two categories, natural fibre rope such as manila, sisal, jute and cotton; or manmade fibre rope such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon. Each type has its own range of characteristics and benefits but also some drawbacks. So visit the respective product pages on our website to find out all you need to know about each type.

Our fibre ropes can be supplied by the metre or as a specially constructed assembly such as a rope sling or a tow rope. Hand spliced eyes can be completed in our workshop to suit your needs.

Rope Fittings & Steel Cable Fittings

To compliment all the types of rope in our range we can also supply individual or multiple fittings. Our range is vast and includes fittings for standard wire rope, stainless fittings for the stainless steel ropes and fittings for fibre ropes. So whether you need some rope grips to make your own eye in a rope, swageless terminals, or snap hooks and shackles, we stock them all in many different sizes.

We also have fittings which are permanently pressed onto a rope, these products include turnbuckles, thimbles and ferrules and sockets. Our experienced rope riggers can carry out this task for you on our own industrial press machines.

Webbing Products

Alongside our rope department we also have a separate workshop. This is where we manufacture webbing products such as web slings and cargo straps. There are different types of web slings you can choose from, all of which can be made up to your exact specifications. So you may need a 4 metre, 3 tonne web sling with soft eyes. Or perhaps you need an endless or one way lifting sling, additional wear sleeves can also be made to suit. Anything is possible here at RSD.

Other webbing products in our range include ratchet straps and other cargo restraints. There are many sizes of ratchet straps to choose from as well as custom made cargo straps and cam buckle lashings. Visit the respective product page to find out more details.

Lifting Equipment

Because many of our rope and webbing products are used for lifting purposes we can also supply some standard and commonly used pieces of lifting equipment so that you can get all you need from one place. Always follow LOLER practices when using Lifting equipment.

Loose lifting tackle like shackles and eye bolts are popular purchases with ropes and web slings. They are often used together with a lifting device such as a chain block or lever hoist. Wire rope cable pullers are also popular thanks to their range of uses. They can be used with any length of wire rope which is easily replaceable when needed.

Beam clamps and trolleys are available if you require an anchor point, and we also have a selection of plate clamps and height safety equipment should you need them.

Rope Services Direct



Wide range of products We stock wire ropes, stainless steel rope, fibre ropes, webbing in a range of sizes and a huge variety of end fittings, from thimbles and turnbuckles to rope grips and sockets and many more; we also supply all your basic lifting equipment products including manual chain blocks, lever hoists, plate lifting clamps, beam trolley’s and more.

Bespoke Products Tailored to your needs All of the products we supply are of high quality and due to having our own factory, machinery and skilled work force we can tailor our products to meet your exact specifications, whether it is a bespoke, one off special or 1000 web slings.

Expert advice




Let us help you choose the right product for your needs. View one of our videos or call our friendly and knowledgeable team who are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and can help you to choose the most appropriate product for your intended operation. Call us on 01384 78004 or contact us by the email contact form for a rapid reply.


We also have our own You Tube Channel where you can watch videos about our products, how we manufacture them and how to use them.

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