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Rope Services Direct Ltd – Videos Page

The Rope Services Direct Ltd – Videos Page has put together some insightful videos on exactly how we manufacture wire ropes, web slings, and cargo straps, as well as various other equipment that we stock from other suppliers, such as lifting gear. We have a clean, state-of-the-art facility located on-site, which is where the manufacturing and testing of our products take place – these videos will give you an inside look at what happens behind the doors at Rope Services Direct Ltd. 

We will be updating this Rope Services Direct Ltd – Videos Page, and our channels, regularly with more videos on the various processes that we undertake, a look at how we operate, and also handy ‘How To’ videos to show you how best to safely and efficiently use our products. Keep checking back for more! Please see our YouTube channel here

Rope Services Direct – Overview

Welcome to Rope Services Direct! This video aims to introduce you to the family-run business, and the products and services that we have on offer. We stock Lifting Slings, Wire Rope, Wire Rope Assemblies, Balustrades, Lifting Gear, and Cargo Restraints. Our products are available in a variety of ranges, sizes, colours and strengths, each with their own unique advantages – please view the video above for more information on each category, and a video of the manufacturing process involved.

Wire Ropes

We stock a wide range of wire rope at Rope Services Direct Ltd, all in various diameters and grades, available in either stainless steel or galvanized steel. We can also PVC coat wire rope; produce for left-hand and right-hand lays and fit all wire rope with a number of different end terminations. Check out our video above for more information on our wire ropes and how we manufacture them.

Lifting Gear

To complement our range of wire ropes and webbing products, we also stock a wide range of common lifting gear items such as manual chain blocks, pull lifts and push travel beam trolleys. Each can handle a different weight and has a different function. We ensure that we stock only the highest quality lifting gear equipment from some of the most well-known brands on the market, please view our video above for our full range of lifting gear equipment.


Balustrades are designed to either act as a protective barrier for safety reasons, or as a contemporary piece of design, and can commonly be found in stairways or garden decking. Our stainless steel balustrades are available in a range of configurations and finishes, such as with rigging screws, swaged forks or swaged studs. Each balustrade has its own qualities and benefits; some are better for tension while others are more useful for quick release. Please view our full
range of balustrades and end fittings in the video above.

Webbing Sling Production

Interested to know how we produce our web slings? There are many different types available, including endless soft eye slings, wear sleeves and hand spliced fibre rope slings. Each has its own set of unique qualities and benefits – click here to view our full range of web slings, and how we produce them to remain sturdy and reliable.


Wire Rope Assemblies

A wire rope assembly is a wire rope that has come complete with a fitting on the end, making it ready to lift loads straight away. View our full range of wire rope assemblies, and how we manufacture them, in the video above. This includes Thimble Eyes and Aluminium or Copper end stops, and each can be used for a variety of different purposes.


Cargo Strap Production

All of our cargo straps are robust, reliable, and come in a range of colours. See the above video for the manufacturing process of these cargo straps, which is completed accurately each and every time. We also display a range of lashing terminations that are available with our cargo straps.

How To Use A Ratchet Strap

Here is our latest video, the first of our ‘how to’ range which shows exactly how to use a ratchet strap / cargo strap from initial threading to securing your load.


How To Splice A Rope

The 2nd video in our How ‘To’ range is a step by step instructional video showing you how to splice a hook or other fitting onto a fibre rope.

You will need a couple of things before you begin – a tape measure, a ‘Fid’ tool, some strong tape and a marker pen as well as your rope and selected fitting. Follow the video, pausing it at each step; it is a fairly simple process and with practice you will get the perfect spliced rope every time.


How to Cut Wire Rope

This video documents the best and easiest ways to cut wire rope of various sizes. Care should always be taken when cutting wire rope to avoid wire splinters which can occur during the cutting process. Safety gloves and safety glasses are a must. If you don’t have the correct tools for cutting wire rope as shown in this video it is better to contact a wire rope specialist.  Rope Services Direct can do this for you. You should not attempt to use other methods as this can be dangerous.


Videos from Rope Services Direct

Our next video? Interested to see a particular type of manufacturing process or need help with installing and using your new product? Get in touch with us to suggest what you’d like to see in our next video!