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Rope balustrade wire is a speciality of ours. Here at Rope Services Direct we stock and manufacture a wide range of  wire-rope assemblies suitable for use on balustrade kits and systems.


Wire rope balustrade or cable railing is a versatile way of  creating a barrier to prevent accidents or just to define a specific area whilst at the same time creating a contemporary feel. Choose from a variety of materials (e.g. stainless steel balustrade) to achieve the perfect style for your needs.

Wire rope balustrades are versatile and make a cable railing / barrier system. Commonly used on stairways, boats, garden decking and balconies for safety reasons.

They are also becoming very popular in public areas to safeguard the public. For example castles install them around the castle walls and ramparts to enable the public to walk around them safely. The public simply would not be allowed to go up without these barriers due to health and safety factors.

Our range of galvanised wire-rope and stainless steel wire-rope along with numerous swaged terminal or swageless fittings will provide an aesthetically pleasing architectural type metal balustrade design with excellent durability.

Wire Rope Balustrade Fittings

We can create wire rope balustrades in a kit. Bespoke to you to suit your specific requirements in any design you choose, e.g. stainless steel balustrade for stairwell. We offer both swaged and swageless terminations. These are to suit the vast majority of applications whether permanent, temporary, and professional and self-assembly.

Our swaged fittings undergo a process using specialist dies in our presses. Once the die, rope and termination are inserted into the press machine many tonnes of pressure are applied. This compresses the fittings to form a permanent connection.  This type of connection is used for permanent rigging applications.  Commonly using forked terminals, rigging screws, studs and eye type end terminations.

Other Fittings

Rigging screws and turnbuckles are excellent for fine adjustment of the tension of the rope. This is so you can have it extremely taught or a little slack, the choice is yours. Rope needs to be tight for barrier and security purposes. For aesthetic wire rope balustrades such as decking, then the rope may be slack to give a slightly draped effect. There are hand held swagers and other tools which can enable the fitting of some permanent swaged fittings on site. This could be good if you are not sure of the exact lengths of rope, great for you DIY’ers.

Swageless terminals are ideal for semi-permanent applications and do not require professional assembly.  They are also commonly used by the DIY’er as it is fairly simple to change/replace a swageless fitting. All you need is some wire cutters to cut off the old, worn rope, and a couple of wrenches to secure the fitting to the newly cut end of the wire-rope. Our swageless fittings are perfect for self assembly of steel wire balustrades.

Cable Railing

Some of the fittings commonly used in wire rope cable railing systems are listed below. All supplied in hard wearing stainless steel you will find fittings to enable easy fitment to wood, steel and more. All you will need is a good drill with the correct drill bits for the material you will be drilling, i.e. wood, masonry, metal.

If you would like some help in calculating what you are likely to need for a DIY job give our team a call on 01384 78004. We are always ready to help if we can. Alternatively if you know exactly what you need you can use the contact us page or the rapid enquiry button to send us an email with your requirements.

Types of Balustrade Fittings Available

This short video shows the majority of fittings available for all types of barriers and balustrading.


Rigging Screws


Rigging screws are frequently utilised in architectural type operations and on wire-ropes where extreme tension is required. Available in a variety of sizes and various configurations of end fittings (Swaged or swageless) to match up with a wide range of wire-rope diameters.

Pictured is a Swage Fork / Toggle with turnbuckle Available in 3mm-10mm


rigging screw
rigging screw on decking post

Swage Fork


Swage forks are one of the most commonly used architectural wire-rope end fitting, normally used with pre drilled anchor plates, eyes or u-bolts. They are also commonly used in yacht rigging and are ideal for the fixing of structural wire-ropes and stainless steel wire balustrade systems. Available in 3mm-16mm

swage fork
swage fork on deck post

Swage Stud


Threaded terminals are used to put tension on a rigging/architectural wire-rope, with the help of nuts/washers or part of a rigging screw.

Available in 3mm-16mm

swage stud
swage stud in use

Swage Eye


Eyes are mainly used to attach architectural wire-rope to rigging screws or forks.

Available in 3mm-12mm

swage eye
swage eye in use

Swageless Stud


The threaded swageless terminal is non-permanent and ideal for site work where professional swaging would normally be required but not possible. These easy to use terminations can be quickly fitted by any competent person with two wrenches. May be used together with rigging screws and are used for tensioning wire-ropes using nuts and washers. Available in 4mm-10mm

swageless stud
swageless stud

Thread Eyebolts


Usually used with rigging screws/internally threaded parts or other terminations, as a means of attaching an architectural wire-rope. Ideal for creating a fixed anchor point.

Available in M6-M16


threaded eye bolt
threaded eye bolt in use

Woodscrew Eyebolt


These eyebolts are ideal on decking areas and around the garden as they screw directly into the wood; they are easy to install and create an anchorage point for your architectural wire-rope, natural fibre rope and much more.

Available in M6-M10


wood screw eye bolt
woodscrew eye bolt

Cone Head Stop


These terminals are ideal for lighter Architectural fixing of wire-rope; they create a neat looking and permanent end stop when threading wire-rope through a fixture (see pictured example).

Available in M3-M8

cone head stop
cone head stop in use

Medium Eye Plates & Small Eye Plates


These plates create a perfect fixing point for many types of architectural wire-rope terminals to an array of surfaces and in stainless steel wire balustrades . Eye plates are ideal for securing a temporary rope barrier with a hooked end fitting. They are easy to secure with 4 screws and area available in a variety of sizes.


eye plates
eye base plates in use



Used as a flexible on/off attachment or a method of lengthening your architectural wire-rope. A shackle makes an ideal connector between any 2 points with suitable end fittings. Available in a wide range of sizes.


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