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Web Slings From Rope services Direct

Our Webbing Slings and webbing straps are available in any length and a variety of widths; with our own sewing facilities our webbing technicians can make up slings to suit your requirements. here are different types of web slings you can choose from, all of which can be made up to your exact specifications. So you may need a 4 metre, 3 tonne web sling with soft eyes or perhaps you need an endless or one way lifting sling, additional wear sleeves can also be made to suit. Anything is possible here at RSD.

We also manufacture and supply other types of lifting slings including single use slings and round slings, a re-webbing service is also available, as well as wear sleeves for extra protection on high wear areas. Visit the respective product page  below to find out more details.

  1000 kg web sling 3000 Kg Web Sling  4000 Kg Web Sling  5000 Kg Web Sling

  6000kg Web Sling 8000 Kg Web Sling  10000 Kg Web Sling   12000 Kg Web Sling

  Special Manufacture / Higher Load Web Slings

Flat Web Slings

Web slings can be custom made to your specific requirements; Rope Services Direct makes our web products in-house through our own “state of the art” industrial sewing machines, alongside our rope department. They can be manufactured to any length with a wide range of widths available. We also have professional cutting machines which guarantees the webbing is cut to the precise length required every time.

These slings can be utilised for a number of different lifting applications for example as crane slings or as cargo slings. They are lightweight and very flexible so they are great for keeping in you work vehicle or tool box, they have a wide and flat load bearing surface and work great when lifting those more fragile objects or loads situated in awkward areas. Manufactured from good quality 100% polyester to provide excellent strength to weight ratios, and have 7:1 safety factor ratios as standard.

We are happy to supply one offs or multiples of any flat web sling and always aim for a quick delivery. All of our wire slings, web slings and round slings use the standard colour coding system to make it easy to identify the safe working load limit of your lifting sling.

1 tonne = Purple   2 tonne = Green   3 tonne = Yellow   4 tonne = Grey

5 tonne = Red   6 tonne = Brown   8 tonne = Blue    10 tonne = Orange.

Lifting Strops

We also hold a variety of lifting strops which are ideal for lifting and towing delicate items. Are you looking for a certain length or width? Do you need assistance in determining the lifting sling best suited for you? Then give our friendly team a call on 01384 78004 and we will be happy to help.


Web slings are excellent for lifting fragile or smooth objects without risk of damage, and are commonly used with chain blockshoists, winches and cranes for lifting heavy loads.

The web slings we supply all conform to DIN-EN-1492-1

The web slings are colour coded to indicate their capacity.  They have high strength to weight ratio, and choice of lifting modes.

Simplex web slings offer a single layer of webbing with soft eyes at each end

Duplex web slings offer two layers of webbing with soft eyes at each end.

Double Duplex web slings offer four layers of webbing to increase tonnage of the sling.

We can also offer a range of steel end fittings

More About Web Slings

Web slings are utilized in a huge array of operations, from large house removals to manufacturing plants, and warehouses. They are often produced from woven nylon or polyester which is sewn in a specific way to create high strength webbing slings. Both nylon and polyester web slings have slightly different properties; polyester is resistant to some acids, where as with nylon it is alkali’s; polyester slings have less stretch than nylon. Web slings are very flexible and soft which makes them ideal for lifting and moving fragile or delicate objects, as they will not mark special surfaces, such as high polished or decorative furniture.

There are many advantages to using webbing slings which include; flexibility, absorbs  shock loads, lightweight, wide load-bearing area, protects delicate surfaces, they are not affected by grease and oil, easy to inspect, virtually hazardous free to the user, they are also ideal to use in explosion hazard areas as they do not produce sparks like a chain sling. Web slings are always colour coded regarding their capacity rating making them easy to recognise. Therefore reducing the chance of simple errors, by choosing the incorrect capacity for the job.

Looking after your web slings

Correctly looking after your lifting equipment is crucial. Prior to each use the web sling should be checked over for any defects which may affect its performance. These include worn eyes or distorted fittings, cuts, holes, burns or broken stitching. If any of these defects are noticed then the sling should not be used under any circumstances and disposed of. Every six months or so a regularly used web sling should be thoroughly inspected and tested by a qualified person and recertified if safe to use. Safety is always the most important aspect to consider when lifting and moving large objects.

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