Protective Sleeving

Rope Services Direct are delighted to promote safety in lifting through providing protective sleeving which adds a layer of protection between the sling and the load. We have a number of lifting sling products, all of which have been designed with only the highest level of quality and safety in mind.

However, some tasks and applications are more heavy duty in nature, and may subject your lifting slings to a great amount of stress, pressure, abrasion or harmful elements and chemicals. While all of our products are manufactured with a high level of resistance against some of these conditions, purchasing protective sleeving further enhances the protection of your trusty equipment.

heavy duty protective sleeving  light duty protective sleeving  moulded protective sleeves

Why use protective sleeving?

Protective sleeves reduce cutting and abrasion damage, protects the sling from sharp edges and can be provided either on both sides of the sling or on a single side. Protective sleeving can be supplied in any length and width depending on your requirements. An alternative to a full length sleeve is also the sewing on of protective webbing pads in strategic positions where this is beneficial. Protective sleeving can be utilized on both webbing and wire rope.

As you can gather from the above, protective sleeving can be utilised in a number of ways to suit the user. We understand that every operation and application is different, and know that a one-size-fits-all approach can’t be taken with these. That’s why we can offer protective sleeving in a number of ways, to perfectly match your bespoke lifting slings and provide as much safety as possible.

Although this protection offers a great barrier between your equipment and damage, please ensure that you continue to carry out pre-use equipment checks before any lifting operation. All equipment will suffer natural wear and tear during its service life, and it’s important you are on the lookout for this!

protective sleeving for wire rope

What is polyurethane? 

Some of our protective slings are constructed from polyurethane, and we want to provide a little more information on this material so you can gain a better understanding of the product. Polyurethane is a type of polymer that is joined together with urethane links.

It is a material that has numerous benefits:

  • It won’t melt if heated
  • It is highly flexible and resistant to fatigue damage
  • It is strong, durable and highly resistant to abrasion
  • It provides thermal and electrical insulation
  • It is also resistant to chemicals and elements, such as oils or moisture

Our lifting slings are already designed to be strong and resistant, but a protective sleeving enhances these benefits, making them perfect for more heavy duty applications.

What can this sleeving be used with?

Protective sleeving can be used with our wide range of lifting slings, Web or wire. We can either supply the sleeving to you for you to attach yourselves, or we can assist with this. If you are looking to sew the sleeving onto your sling, then we’ll handle this process for you.

Why shop with Rope Services Direct? 

Safety will be a primary concern for anyone operating within this industry, and so it is our primary concern too. All of our products are designed, manufactured and tested onsite here at Rope Services Direct.

We have the benefit of owning our own modern facilities, and so don’t only rely on external suppliers for our equipment. This means we can guarantee quality, safety and reliability time and time again.

Find out more about our protective equipment

If you would like to discuss our lifting slings or protective equipment in great detail, then we’re here to help. Whether it’s to get your questions answered or to place an order, please call​ Rope Services Direct today on 01384 78004 to discuss protective sleeving in your business. Alternatively, you can find our other contact details here.