Heavy Duty Protective Sleeves

Our heavy duty protective sleeves provide an all-important defensive barrier to keep the wire rope and the load it is carrying from doing damage to one another. These extra-tough assemblies feature lifting webbing which is sewn together for additional strength.

Heavy Duty Protective Sleeves – Options

heavy duty protective sleevesOur most hard-wearing protective sleeving is not just suitable for preventing abrasions and impacts, but also for ensuring that the sling underneath is not exposed unnecessarily to potentially harmful substances. This will help preserve its integrity over time and ensure safe lifting procedures are followed.

Our made to measure sleeving can be applied direct by our team, so you do not need to worry about taking care of the fine details.

Other Protective Sleeving Solutions

In addition to heavy duty protective sleeving, you can find a range of other sleeve products here at Rope Services Direct. This includes light duty sleeving  that is comprised of a webbing tube, along with molded sleeving that is protected via a coating of polyurethane.

Remember that even with heavy duty sleeves applied to your slings, wear and tear is unavoidable over time. This is why carrying out regular checks to ensure total safety is important, no matter the type of lifting and handling operations you are carrying out.

Get Help with our Sleeving Products

For more information about the protective sleeving products we produce, give the Rope Services Direct team a ring on 01384 78004 or head to our contact page to send us a question via email. We provide helpful, expert advice and quotes to all clients that get in touch.