Lifting Slings

Lifting slings appear in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, here at Rope Services Direct we can manufacture and supply most types to your precise specifications.

   web slings   round slongs   endless slings   multi leg sling

   one way slings   web sling re webs   chain slings   coated slings

  fibre rope slings   protective sleeving   tow ropes   mesh slings

wire rope slings


Types of Lifting Slings


We have our own clean workshop with industrial cutting and sewing machinery which enables us to manufacture custom products such as; web slings, round slings, one way slings / single use slings, endless slings and more. Webbing materials come in a range of widths, and colours to suit the safe working load required and can be made into lifting slings, straps and strops  which may have soft eyes or be endless, other fittings may be stitched in during manufacture. We also produce wear sleeves or protective sleeves to suit any sling to help with wear reduction in high stress areas and essentially extending the working life of your sling.

We can supply many types of fibre ropes such as natural manila, sisal, cotton, or man-made polypropylene, nylon and polyester, we have skilled people on our team who can hand splice these ropes the traditional way. We can also add soft eyes,  add thimbles and supply hooks to be used as tow rope kits.

Wire rope slings are another of our specialities, these can be galvanized wire rope or stainless steel wire rope; Multi-leg wire rope slings, soft eye or thimble eye wire rope slings and endless wire rope slings are just a few of our range; we can also add protective coatings to the wire for added protection for special lifting operations. Chain slings are no problem and can be supplied with any termination in any configuration with quality components.

Lifting slings are used in a vast range of industries and environments on a daily basis, without them simple lifting tasks would be longer, slower and much more labour intensive; they are often taken for granted but a lifting sling is probably the most widely used piece of lifting equipment and should be used wisely and looked after. Using worn webbing slings can be dangerous as can using wire rope with broken wires; all lifting slings should be checked before each use for potential problems and thorough inspections by a qualified/competent person should be carried out on a half yearly basis to be in accordance with the latest laws and guidelines. The Team at Rope Services Direct can carry out such thorough examinations by LOLER approved, trained members.