Soft Eye Wire Rope Slings

We manufacture and stock a range of rope products here at Rope Services Direct and can supply them with a range of end terminations. This will allow you to use the product immediately for your desired purpose. Our soft eye wire rope slings which have soft loops at each end rather than a more solid thimble eye. We have many other types of wire rope slings available to order, so check out the main sling page here.

Soft Eye Wire Rope Slings

soft eye wire rope slingsThis particular product can be hand spliced at either end, or mechanically pressed and secured with a ferrule. Pressing with a ferrule is the quickest and most popular way of doing a soft eye in wire. Hand splicing means that there is a natural loop which has been spliced or fixed back into itself. This creates an eye-shaped loop, which can be utilised for a range of applications.

The fact that this is a soft eye refers to the fact that this loop has been left natural. A ‘hard eye’ would be a loop that is supported along the inside of the loop using a metal thimble.

A wire rope sling that has soft loops at each end will be less expensive than those with a hard eye and thimbles, given that less parts are needed to complete the piece. If you want to know which is right for you, find our contact details below.

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As well as a sling with soft loops at each end, we can also supply this product with the thimbles too. If you would like to discuss which would be the best version for your operation, please give us a call on 01384 78004, or get in contact here