Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are just one of the many types of wire rope fittings (ferrules, shackles, terminals, etc.) we supply here at Rope Services Direct. We can supply solid and reeving thimbles in various sizes, the thimble you will need is dependent upon your application and it’s vital the correct thimble is chosen to meet your needs.

One of the most popular ways to terminate a rope is to form it into a loop or eye. A loop/eye enables easier attaching to most anchoring points. However, there are often occasions that need a stronger, sturdier loop because a standard, un-reinforced eye can be easily damaged.  The addition of a steel thimble will counteract this.

When a wire rope is terminated in this way, there’s a threat that it’ll bend to tightly, placing a thimble inside the loop will help protect the natural form of the loop, as well as protect the wire from pinching and abrading within the inside of the loop. Within industry the installation of the thimble is the most effective system because the thimble prevents the load from coming into direct contact with the wires, and therefore prevents unnecessary wear.

Thimbles are perfect for wire ropes terminating in a loop and are one of the most commonly used end fittings for steel cable. They are used to help protect the steel wire-rope which forms the eye, and therefore will greatly extend the working life of the rope, they also add extra rigidity to a soft loop making it stronger and much easier to attach wherever it is needed.

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Types of WireRope Thimbles

There are 2 main kinds of thimbles, they are an ordinary thimble which are fairly standard, and are appropriate for lighter applications, and the heavy duty solid thimble, which offer a more robust fitting for more arduous tasks. Rope Services Direct can supply both types in a wide range of sizes to suit different diameters of wire rope. We have all our own industrial tools and machinery in our rope workshop to ensure the correct, safe and secure fitting of end terminations every time.

Various types of wire rope thimble are available including commercial standard, heavy duty standard, British standard and US Federal spec standard; we will be able to supply whichever type of thimble you need.

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