Thimble Eye Wire Rope Slings

We manufacture, stock and supply a great range of lengths and diameters of wire rope using our onsite and modern facilities. We can supply this equipment on its own, or we can complete it with various end terminations and assemblies. One such end terminations are thimble eye wire rope slings  and this product page details more on this.

Thimble Eye Wire Rope Slings

thimble eye wire rope slings You will often see equipment of this nature being hand spliced, which means that the end has been folded back on itself, and spliced into the rope. However a thimble eye can also be pressed with a ferrule, using many tonnes of force to provide a strong connection. This creates a strong eye-shaped loop, which can then be utilised with various other pieces of equipment. For example, it can be looped over a hook.

While an eye on its own is strong, a thimble can help to further strengthen this setup. A thimble is a metallic strip, which has also been folded in order to create this eye loop. The wire rope will run around the thimble, and then spliced back into itself. This makes the end termination a lot stronger and a lot more permanent too.

Having thimbles at each end means that this product can be used for a range of applications. For example, it could be used as a balustrade with each end looping over a hook.

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