Endless Wire Rope Slings

Here at Rope Services Direct we stock and supply a range of lifting slings suitable for many different purposes. Each has its own unique ray of qualities and features. Below we have listed more detailed information on one of our most popular types. These are, endless wire rope slings.

Product details for endless wire rope slings

endless wire rope slingsThis type of sling has no end to it, and instead comes in one complete loop. It can be spliced together or connected with the use of special fittings. The biggest benefit for this lifting gear is that the hook and load points can be consistently rotated around the equipment. This means that no pressure or stress is placed on one area time and time again. Thus helping to dramatically increase the service life to the endless sling.

We are able to manufacture and produce this equipment in many sizes. This makes them perfect for a huge range of applications and operations. Our endless type wire rope slings are constructed from strong, wire rope. Not only is this metal extremely strong, but it is also has a good level of resistance. They have resistance to things such as mildew, moisture and chemicals, making it the perfect choice for a multitude of environmental conditions.

We can also supply a range of other types of wire rope slings to suit your needs, as well as endless web slings. Please remember that all slings come under the LOLER regulations for lifting equipment.

How to place an order with us

If you would like to order an endless type sling from us, then we would be more than happy to help. Please either get in touch with us via one of our contact methods here, or fill out a rapid enquiry form at the top of this page. If you need to discuss your special requirements then talk to us on 01384 78004.