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One Way Sling / Single Use Slings

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One of our specialities is producing one way sling or single use slings / disposable lifting sling to suit your specific needs. We can make these with either soft eyes at each end or completely endless. Also commonly referred to as a one way disposable sling, one way lifting sling & disposable one way sling. These types of lifting slings previously had a safety duty rating of 5:1 and were typically thrown away after one use. However due to new legislation the breaking load safety factor now has to be 7:1. Therefore does not necessarily need to be disposed of after just one use. Yet the term to describe the web slings is still used out of habit.

Why Use One Way Sling / Single Use Lifting Slings?

Single use slings offer a low cost means of lifting, loading, transporting and unloading certain types of cargo. They are designed to be attached/fitted to the load for the very first lifting operation. The sling will stay with the load throughout its journey which may or may not include loading and unloading multiple times, until it arrives at its final destination. Load safety is paramount at all times. It is common place to remove and destroy the slings after completion of the lifting operation. Especially when it is for more odd-ball loads, such as moving a barge or boat, hence the term disposable slings. One way disposable lifting slings are typically used by steel yards, tube mills and for other mass produced bulk items.

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Types Available

At Rope Services Direct we have our own fully automated machines, we are able to make your one way slings / single use slings to suit your requirements, length, width and SWL, can be adjusted to suit; they are precisely cut to length, label printing to produce specific details of each lifting sling (stitched in), automatic sewing for accurately stitched slings. We can produce these single use slings as one offs or in multiples – indeed many customers place regular orders for thousands of one way slings at a time. Whether you require endless slings or with soft eyes at each end we can fulfil your order to high specifications, fully certified and within a short timeframe.

Want to see more – check out our video showing our processes of web sling manufacture HERE.

Where is a One Way Sling used?

One way slings are commonly used by tubing / pipe manufacturers. As well as lifting and transporting large structures for the construction industry, this often includes roof trusses and pre-fabricated timber, housing panels / walls. Another use for one way slings is for lifting boats and barges from water to dry dock. Often for repairs and maintenance or for transportation to another location.

One way slings are used in many other areas. Including manufacturers of steel mesh, steel bars, and on production lines for assembling components.

                                 making our one way slings

How are Single Use Slings Used?

Single use slings / disposable slings are typically used in two ways. They can be built into a structure during the final manufacturing stages.  Specific locations are chosen to ensure the load will be evenly balanced when lifting and manoeuvring. When this type of load is set down at its final resting place the lifting sling is often left in situ hidden from view. This scenario saves huge amounts of time both during transportation and on site. Additional slings are not needed so there will be no compatibility issues.

The second way is probably the most common method. The single use sling is simply wrapped and secured around the load and connected to a lifting device. Again they will stay with the load throughout its operation until the sling is completely removed at the final destination.

Your Requirements

Whether you require soft eye or endless slings, you have the choice of either polyester or polypropylene. With safe working loads of up to 1500KG, get in touch with a member of our team to order your quality sling that boasts of safety factors of 7:1.

If you need any more information please give our sales team a call on 01384 78004 or contact us here.

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