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Soft loop each end one way sling

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Soft Loop Each End One Way Sling

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Soft loop each end one way sling aren’t always easy to come by, especially for a fair price. But at Rope Services Direct  you can get exactly what you need. We can manufacture these slings to suit your specific needs.

Soft loop each end one way sling – not just for single use!

Along with the endless type of sling, soft loop slings are generally used in two ways. Firstly they can be inserted permanently into a building during the last stages of construction at particular locations to make sure the load will be evenly balanced when lifted or moved. Once the load is in its final resting place the lifting sling is often left in place out of sight. This not only saves a lot of time during transportation, it also means that extra slings are not required so avoiding compatibility problems. Secondly and most commonly, the slings are merely wrapped over and tightened around the load and before being hooked up to a lifting device.

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25 Mm Soft Loop Each End One Way Slings  50 Mm Soft Loop Each End One Way Slings

Ordering a one way soft loop type lifting sling is simple

From our UK warehouse in the West Midlands, RSD supplies an outstanding range of lifting slings for all projects. Plus, ordering is so easy, thanks to our speedy order form.

If you wish to speak with someone or you’re unsure about something, you can contact us on 01384 78004.

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