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  We have been supplying wire rope assemblies for various applications for a number of years. We are happy to make one off, special assemblies or larger quantities to suit your needs.

Wire Rope Sling Manufacturing Capability

 We have our own wire-rope presses, fuse and taper equipment and testing facilities within our factory. Therefore together with our dedicated workforce this enables us to manufacture any bespoke wire-rope assembly. This is to your own specifications quickly and efficiently.

Rope Assembly

We make wire rope slings in any configuration Trailer ropes, soft eye ropes, special ropes with any configuration of end fittings. Fuse and tapered ropes, lift ropes, winch cables, gym cables and crane ropes are just some of the products we can make up. All to perfectly suit your intended application.


   bespoke assemblies hand spliced assemblies wire rope with socket ends

  catenary wire gym cables trailer rope winch rope  

   crane rope garage door cables security cables theatre cable   


Wire-Rope Sizes

We hold a range of standard sizes of wire-rope. Any length  along with an array of commonly used end fittings can be supplied. Choose from thimbles and sockets to  turnbuckles and rigging screws. Remember we can also supply wire-rope in different constructions for special operations. Such as right or left hand lay; 7x19, 6x36 and with various core structures as well as stainless steel wire rope.  All our products are tested and certified by our experienced team members. Give our friendly team a call on 01384 78004 who will be happy to assist.


Types of Wire Rope Assemblies

We can supply wire rope for specific tasks.  Many customers bring us their broken wire-rope assembly and we tailor make a brand new one to match perfectly. Whatever your wire-rope is used for, we can make you a new one.

Other examples of wire rope assemblies include cables for garage doors and industrial shutters/doors. These are hard to purchase straight off the shelf. But we can make one to your exact measurements so you can simply replace the cable, not the whole door system. Let us know the length you need, along with the cable diameter and end fitting. (this is important to make sure it fits perfectly). We can also supply security cables to suit your needs to keep your belongings safe and secure. These cables are also available with a PVC coating for extra durability and easier handling.

All wire rope assemblies fall into the lifting equipment category and therefore fall under LOLER regulations which should be followed at all times.

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