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Our selection of wire rope products is extremely diverse, servicing many industries around the globe. From heavy duty applications to lighter ones, our wire rope can help. If you would like to find out more about our trailer ropes, please read on below.

More information about our Trailer Ropes

If you need rope for your trailer, then we can help here at Rope Services Direct. Buy everything you need including trailer winch rope, cables and straps from our website. Whether you are buying new or replacement equipment we can help. A variety of fittings can be added to your specifications.

Trailer ropes are most often used to raise and lower tail gates, as well as internal decks, which is often extremely heavy in nature. We can also supply winch rope for use on any trailer winches you may have.

It’s imperative that you use equipment that is strong, safe and road-worthy. Trailer ropes need to handle various pressures and stresses. That is why we have designed and manufactured trailer ropes from our trusty wire rope; to handle these specific applications.

Weight ratings

Just as trailers can come in a range of shapes and sizes, so too can our equipment. When buying trailer rope, cables or straps it’s always essential to have a complete understanding of the weight rating you need, never leave this to chance as the consequences could be dire.

All equipment has designed to be strong and safe, but still has its limits. It will be assigned a safe working load (SWL), which is the absolute maximum that your trailer ropes should be handling during operations. If you are unsure on any of this, we would be more than happy to discuss this.

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The benefits of using this equipment

As well as providing an efficient way of working with your trailer, there are a number of other benefits that trailer rope offers to its user. Firstly, you will be provided with an extremely strong tool that will ensure your operation is left safe at all times.

As well as strength, our trailer ropes offer resistance in a number of areas too. They are extremely resistant to general wear and tear factors, such as bending, crushing, rotation and abrasion. But they are also resistant to harmful elements such as chemicals and moisture too.

Despite the strength and resistance mentioned above, please ensure that you continue to regularly inspect all equipment before use. All equipment, no matter how strong, will suffer natural wear and tear over its lifespan, and it’s important that you are on the lookout for this.

Wire rope fittings

Depending on your needs for your operation and application, our wire rope products can be utilised with a number of fittings. This allows its range of uses to be increased tenfold. If you want to find out more about our fittings and how these can be utilised with our trailer rope, please visit our contact details below.

We offer fittings such as:



Contact us today for more information

Should you own or operate a trailer and need equipment that you know will help to perform the job safely, then you’ve come to the right place! Why not call Rope Services Direct on 01384 78004 to place your order and/or to speak to our experts about your particular requirement for trailer rope. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to view our other contact details.

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