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To compliment all the types of rope in our range we can also supply individual or multiple fittings. Our range is vast and includes fittings for standard wire rope, stainless fittings for the stainless steel ropes and fittings for fibre ropes. So whether you need some rope grips to make your own eye in a rope, swageless terminals, or snap hooks and shackles, we stock them all in many different sizes.

We also have fittings which are permanently pressed onto a rope, these products include turnbuckles, thimbles and ferrules and sockets. Our experienced rope riggers can carry out this task for you on our own industrial press machines.


rope grips wire rope thimbles ferrules eye plates & base plates 

turnbuckles & rigging screws shaclkles eye bolts and eye nuts snap hooks

wire rope sockets swaged terminals swageless terminals lifting rings & links

 swivel fittings

About Wire Rope Fittings

Wire rope fittings can refer to accessories which permanently terminate the end of the rope to prevent unraveling; as well as additional attachments to help to attach and anchor the rope to other objects.

There are different ways of securing the ends of wire ropes to avoid fraying. The most regularly utilised wire rope fitting for any rope is to turn the end back to create a loop. The free end is then attached back on to the wire rope often using a ferrule. When a wire rope is terminated with a loop, there’s a threat that it’ll bend to tightly. A thimble may be fitted inside the loop to protect its natural form as well as its individual wires. For industrial applications the installation of the thimble is usually the most effective.

As an alternative choice to hand eye splicing, a talurit clamp is great. This is where either an aluminium alloy, steel, or copper ferrule is passed over the end of the rope. Subsequently the end of the rope is re-inserted within the ferrule creating an eye, or over a thimble. The ferrule will then be placed into an industrial press. Thousands of pounds of pressure is applied. This will trigger the metal to flow about both parts of the rope, resulting in an extremely strong and neat end termination.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fittings

Please find below some details of our most commonly requested accessories for standard and stainless steel wire ropes. We can supply many different variations of wire rope fittings, from the basic thimbles, through to architectural fittings. Some come galvanized and some are stainless steel.  So if you can’t find what you are looking for then please give us a call, our team will help.

There are many types of these end fittings to choose from, including simple fittings for the more straightforward, every day operations, and the more complicated, application specific fittings.

Some wire rope fittings  provide a solid connection point, to allow the wire rope to be easily yet securely attached to a huge variety of anchor points. There are also fittings which enable the wire rope to be tensioned, and are used for many purposes. Other various accessories commonly used along with wire ropes including a wide range of end terminals, rope grips, shackles, eyebolts and hooks; let us now take a closer look at each of the more common accessories.

Commonly used Wire Rope Fittings Available


A thimble is an oval or egg shaped fitting and are probably the most utilised end fitting of all. A thimble is used within the end loop of the wire rope to provide protection for the wires and therefore prolong the life of the rope. Thimbles are available in different forms, ordinary thimbles and solid thimbles, both come in a range of sizes and can also be found made from stainless steel. Standard thimbles are used for lighter weight applications where as solid thimbles are used for heavier weight applications.


A socket is fixed to the tip of a wire rope and they are used to connect the wire rope to a fixed anchor point, These socket fittings are most commonly used as an anchoring device in a wide variety of applications like towing cables, anchor cables on oil platforms, and also bridge and roof construction. These sockets are available in different forms, open or closed, spelter, wedge or swage sockets. These sockets are probably the strongest of all wire rope end fittings.


Terminal fittings are also used for connecting the wire rope to a fixing point. They can be swaged terminals or swageless terminals. They are fitted directly to the end of the wire rope, but should be done by professionals. There are many types of terminal fittings available, including; threaded, toggle, eye, fork, rod and stud terminals, these end fittings are often used together with turn buckles or rigging screws.


Turnbuckles are used for the tensioning / tightening of wire rope. They are often used during rigging applications, and anywhere that the wire will need tightening to a specific tension to suit its purpose. Good examples include; bridges, balustrades, staircases and hanging shelves. Even barriers (instead of fencing) to prevent access to certain areas yet are easy on the eye, (unlike wooden fencing). Rigging screws and turnbuckles are available in a wide variety, with different fittings available for each end, and therefore can be easily tailored to suit your specific needs. Common fittings used for either end are; eye + eye, eye + hook, jaw + jaw , hook + jaw, etc.


rope grip is a very useful accessory to have when using wire rope, or rope of any kind. Rope grips are commonly used where splicing or socketing of the wire is not practical. Rope grips provide temporary joints, holding two ends of the rope together firmly, creating a strong connection. They can also be  used to form a complete loop at the end of the rope ready for fixing.


A shackle is a removable accessory which can be used to connect wire ropes to many other fittings; screw pin shackles are ideal for non-permanent applications and shackles with a safety bolt are the best option for longer term or else permanent applications.

An eyebolt or eye nut can be used on many lifting devices as a fixing point to aid in lifting items which can’t be lifted by hand or by fork lift truck.

Hooks are also a useful accessory which is used within lifting systems. Used as a connection point between the load and the wire rope or sling. Hooks are often fitted with safety catches which prevent the rope / load from becoming disengaged.

Alongside these wire rope fittings we also supply and fit cable and ferrules, eye nuts, lifting rings and links and snap hooks, call us for more details.

A quick reminder; All our fittings will fall under the lifting equipment bracket when it comes to safety and so the LOLER regulations should be followed.


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