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Wire Rope Grips

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Wire rope grips are quite a practical accessory to have when using wire rope, or rope of any type. Rope grips are normally utilised where splicing or socketing of the wire isn’t practical. Rope grips are ideal for providing a temporary or provisional joint. Securing 2 pieces of rope together tightly they make a solid connection. They may be used to form a loop at the end of the rope to create a firm anchor point.


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Using Wire Rope Grips

A wire rope grip is utilised most commonly to fasten the loose end back on itself. A wire rope grip typically consists of 4 simple parts; a ‘u’ shaped bolt, a saddle and a pair of securing nuts. The 2 layers of the wire rope are positioned within the u bolt. Next the forged saddle subsequently fixes on top of the wire ropes on to the bolt. Then the 2 nuts then secure in place. 3 or more clamps are sometimes used to terminate a wire rope.

Rope Services Direct can supply wire rope grips in a wide range of sizes to suit a vast range of wire rope/cable diameters. Both mild steel and stainless steel varieties are available.

We supply these from 3mm to 50mm (mild steel) or 2mm to 24mm (stainless steel). Choosing the right size of grip is important so do call our experts on 01384 78004 to discuss your requirements and place your order today. We also supply a wide range of alternative wire rope fittings to suit a range of applications.

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How to use Cable grips

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As the name suggests our wire rope grips are mainly used to firmly grip wire rope and are frequently used to hold and then join two pieces of wire rope together. To use wire rope clips you simple loosen the nuts to release the ‘U’ bolt just enough so that you can insert your rope. Next you need to insert your two pieces of wire rope, or one wire rope bent to form an eye; when both sections of wire rope are correctly located, you can tighten the nuts, this will move the saddle up to compress the wire rope and therefore hold it firmly in place until it is removes. Always use a wrench to ensure the nuts are completely tightened, hand tightening is not strong enough for a secure fit.


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