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Rope Services Direct supply many types of rope hooks as a part of our wire rope fitting solutions. Snap hooks form a quick connection between the chain sling / wire rope and the load which is being lifted. We would always advise customers to buy hooks with safety catches  or screw locks (as sold by us). They prevent accidents such as the sling slipping out of the hook bowl. You can find out more about our snap hooks below.

Asymmetric Carbine Hook with Screw Nut  carbine hook c/w eye & screw nut  formed carbine hook with eye  carbine hook with screw nut  formed carbine hook with eye

carbine hook  swivel trigger snap hook  swivel boat snap hook  double end bolt snap hook  Swivel Bolt Snap Hook

tack hook  swivel hook  screw hook

What are snap hooks?

This product isn’t your usual type of hook. Instead it has a metallic steel structure in which the snap opening joins together with the main body. When in the closed position it leaving no gaps. In that sense, items aren’t ‘hooked’ on in the traditional way. Instead, it features a foldable section with a hinge at one end and a ridged section at the other where it slots in securely and safely. So an item, such as a chain sling, can be hooked by feeding a chain over the snap hooks.

It gets the ‘snap’ part of its name from the fact that the foldable section will snap back into place if pressure isn’t being applied to it. This has obvious benefits, as the hook will always remain fastened and secure. Giving any load attached that extra protection factor. Some snap hooks incorporate a screw lock as an extra safety measure. This will prevent the snap bar from opening unintentionally.

Where are snap hooks used

Snap hooks are commonly manufactured using stainless steel. One of the most cost-effective and strongest types of metal on the market. You will find that the majority of lifting products are designed using this sturdy metal. Because it provides one of the cheapest, and yet strongest option to customers. Its stainless nature also means that it has a good level of resistance to rust and corrosion. Thus allowing snap hooks to be utilised in many types of environment for a variety of applications.

We also sell many other types of hook here at Rope Services Direct, including foundry hooks, which resemble your more traditional type of hook. We also stock hooks that are self-locking, such as the snap hooks described above, or those with swivel mechanisms. This range of choice that is presented to our customers gives you a great way to ensure that you can select the very best equipment for the job.

An emphasis on safety

Regardless of which type of hook you choose for your operation, each has been designed with safety in mind. Given the nature of the heavy lifting operations and great loads, safety must always remain at the forefront of the minds of those involved.

All of our hooks, and any other products that you see listed on this site, have been manufactured or sourced in accordance with all relevant ISO standards, as well as the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Explore our wider range of wire rope fittings

Our snap hooks and wire rope hooks make up just a small part of our extensive range of fittings. We have been slowly building our range over the years. In order to give our customers a multitude of new ways in which they can complete operations safely and efficiently. If you would like to discuss further which products would be right for you and your operation, please find our contact details below.

Ready to make an order?

Contact us on 01384 78004 to discuss your options of rope hooks, whether that be eye, foundry, self-locking or swivel mechanisms. We also sell in various sizes and with load capacities of up to 15 tonnes.

If you would prefer to get in touch with us in another way, then you can find our full list of contact details here.

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