Swivel Fittings

Welcome to the swivel fittings page, here you can find a good variety of fittings which are suitable for use with ropes. They are perfect for creating specific connections between two ropes, whether they are the same type or of a different variety. Because these fittings swivel they help to alleviate the issue of twisting and tangling of the rope, plus they can be rotated to the required angle.

We have an excellent range on offer to suit a variety of needs, there is a fitting with an eye at each end, swiveling through the center, we also supply a swivel fitting with an eye on one side and a jaw on the other, alternatively there is the fitting with a jaw at each end. Within this range we also include some swivel snap shackles which also make great connection fittings.

Browse through our range below to find out more; don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or advise.

eye & eye swivel fitting  eye-jaw swivel fitting  jaw-jaw swivel fitting

fixed snap shackle  swivel jaw snap shackle  swivel eye snap shackle

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swivel fittings