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About Decking Rope

Rope Services Direct not only supply wire ropes and their fittings but in addition many types of fibre rope, including decking and barrier ropes together with many different end fittings. Here we will provide some useful information regarding decking rope and also barrier rope, and where they might be utilised.

Decking rope and barrier rope can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Many individuals use this kind of rope in their gardens. Sometimes as an alternative to fencing to spotlight different areas of the garden. Or as an alternative to spindles between decking posts.

Decking rope can be utilized pulled tight between posts. But many people are more likely to swag/drape the rope for an excellent effect. They can be swaged independently perhaps fordecking rope holder sectioning off areas of the garden. Or in groups of 2, 3 or more between the decking posts, the choice is yours. This rope is easy to play about with until you get the effect you like. Decking rope is a great way to add a new look to your garden. This type of rope comes in a variety of materials and colours, manila and sisal ropes are a natural product and are very popular. There are also man-made polyester rope available in red, burgundy and blue. These can add wow factor to your garden. You could even use a combination of coloured, man-made rope and natural rope for a really individual look.

Garden Rope

blue deck rope with swag fittingAlthough decking rope is predominantly used around decking areas, it doesn’t have to be. They can be used to simply highlight and define different areas of your garden, for example; herb gardens, dining areas, water features and even play areas for the children. They can also be utilised around the front garden and driveway to define your property. There are a variety of fittings available allowing the rope to be pulled tight or draped across a number of posts. These usually come in chrome or brass type finishes.

For the actual decking area, these types of rope can be used instead of, or to replace the spindles and hand rails, offering a cheaper solution with a modern feel, and no treatments/varnishes and the like are necessary. They could possibly be used both vertically and horizontally; the latter is usually the best. They can be draped/swaged or pulled tight or a combination of the two.

Natural or man-made?

Manila rope and sisal rope are the most commonly used form of rope for inside the garden. This is probably because it’s a natural material, with pleasing aesthetics. Nevertheless natural fibre rope will shrink and stretch as it gets wet and then dries, so it is usually recommended to allow for about 10% shrinkage when purchasing. It is common practice, and highly recommended that natural fibre decking rope is pre-shrunk before first use, this is achieved by soaking in water over night, and this will prevent excess stretch when it becomes wet in the future. Manila and sisal, being a natural material will also weather in appearance.

These natural ropes are also often utilised in the home as stair banisters, in the place of spindles or for other decorative purposes, especially where a nautical theme is being used.

Manila and sisal rope is three strands, and can be supplied in diameters from 24mm to 28mm; we are able to supply you by the metre or full coils of 220 metres.

                                                                 fibre rope choices

Decking rope & Barrier Ropes

The barrier ropes that we are able to supply can also be used as decking rope to provide an up to date look to your garden, they are available in three colours, red, blue and burgundy and are 24mm in diameter. The coloured barrier / decking ropes are 3 strand polyester, they have very little stretch and are resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.

Barrier ropes are often used for crowd control. But in addition for a lot of other applications, for instance stair banisters, or as opposed to stair spindles. In the garden or home, or for a decorative contemporary look, its tasks are endless. They are colourful, soft to the touch and easy to handle.

Rope Services Direct also supply the end attachments to suit your purpose, available in polished brass or chrome finishes.

                                                     decking rope fittings

There are rope hooks which attach to the rope directly. These are then usually hooked into an eye fixing plate which is screwed to its desired location. Using this method allows easy removal of the rope at any time, for a more permanent fixture we have end sockets. These are screwed to the required fixture, then the rope is fixed directly into the socket.

We also supply rope through brackets which are useful for swaging the rope. Or just to pass the rope through tightly as an anchor point, as in stair rails, etc. These ropes can also be knotted at the end after passing through an anchor point, for a more unusual look.

Purchasing your Decking Ropes

It is really easy to order fibre rope from Rope Services Direct, you can simply call us on 01384 78004 with the type, length and fittings you require, or alternatively you can email us with your requirements here.


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