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About Gym Rope And Cable

Rope Services Direct supplies a wide range of steel wire rope and plastic coated rope wire which is perfect for use as gym ropes and cables. Our gym cables use a special material for the coating. This is in order to reduce the friction that the wire rope will suffer. Gym cables will typically have a nylon or PVC coating, with each offering their own array of benefits. While both are strong coatings that provide a good level of protection, nylon is typically stronger, while PVC is cheaper.

This cable is ideally suited to work with many types of gymnasium equipment (e.g. multi-gyms, exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, etc.) in use throughout the UK for instance those used within fitness centres, professional sports clubs and in the home. This type of equipment should follow health and safety guidelines for multi gym cableleisure activities. They are designed to be continuously run over various pieces of gym machine equipment. For example sheaves or pulleys which are abundant on multi-gyms and other fitness equipment which offer multiple exercises.

There are thousands of variations of gym equipment, from dozens of suppliers, used within these facilities. It is beneficial to have tools which can adapt between various machines that come in a range of sizes.

For this reason, our gym ropes and cables can be manufactured to fit a bespoke order, and can come in a range of terminations with many end fittings

If you would like to discuss a bespoke gym rope and cable order in more detail, please refer to our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Why use this type of rope?

Gym cable ropes are designed to be a long-lasting piece of equipment that leaves its user safe in the knowledge that it is reliable and strong enough for the task at hand. Gym ropes and cables have to withstand continued pressure and stress with their repetitive use.

They will not be lifting the same heavy loads that wire rope will be subject to in more industrial environments. But the repetition means that they must be capable of withstanding this repeated usage.

Wire rope is one of the strongest tools on the market for this. Constructed of several steel wires and strands, and with a strong internal fibre core. They are the perfect choice for gym and fitness machines.

Our gym cables will retrofit to most machines. In addition they can be utilised with the majority of gym equipment in the UK. If you are unsure whether it is the right cable for your machine, please get in touch.                                                 gym cable

Inspecting your products

Despite their strong nature, it is important that you continuously inspect and maintain your gym rope. This is to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary damages or accidents. However with the relatively thin nature of these cables and the continued usage that they will be subject to, wear and tear does have to be expected.

Its important that you regularly inspect your equipment, checking for any damaged or snapped wires. In addition if your gym cable has a coating, then its crucial that you perform a more thorough inspection, looking for areas where there may be internal damage. This image shows a broken gym cable, needing complete replacement.

 broken gym cable

Contact Rope Services Direct for more information on Gym Ropes

For more information on this product or our other core products, contact our team today on 01384 78004 to discuss your order. Alternatively, please find our other contact details listed here. As discussed above, we can produce bespoke gym cable to order and can supply in small or larger quantities to suit all gym and fitness machines. We can supply gym cables for brand new machines, or replacement cables should your rope have become worn or damaged.

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