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Based in West Midlands  in the heart of the Black Country, Rope Services Direct are a time honoured family run family run wire rope shop, supplying a vast array of wire rope and stainless steel rope along with the many fittings and end terminations needed to suit your specific application. Crane ropes, trailer ropes, slings, rigging wires, architectural wire rope, and special  assemblies, we can supply them all and more with our experienced riggers and presses we aim to deliver quality products swiftly.

We stock many common types of wire rope and steel rope with a variety of constructions including different strand structures, cores and lays; this enables us to quickly produce an assembly, bespoke to your requirements and therefore enabling you to complete your task quickly and efficiently.

Stainless Steel Rope

Along with our standard steel ropes we also supply stainless steel rope which is ideal for many applications, not only is it frequently utilised within the marine, engineering and architectural industries but also around the home including stair balustrade, balcony barriers, decking and even hanging shelves and stairs, its uses are endless, and provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to many problems.

Webbing Products

As well as our wire rope section we also have our own facilities to produce webbing products in any quantity, whether it is a one off or for thousands.  We produce both round slings and web slings in many lengths and lifting capacities along with our popular one-way, disposable slings. Alongside our slings used for lifting and towing etc. We also produce ratchet lashings and cam buckles which are perfect for securing practically any type of load; we can also make up a more bespoke strap with your choice of end fittings to better suit your application.

Fibre Ropes

Fibre ropes are another of our products and include nylon, polypropylene and polyester rope, popular within the marine and transport industries and are available in a variety of constructions and diameters; our skilled team can hand splice any rope to suit your needs and we can supply these ropes in 1 metre increments or by the coil.

Lifting Gear and Equipment

Rope Services Direct can also supply all your basic lifting gear equipment, from chain blocks and lever hoists to plate clamps, chain slings, beam trolleys and loose lifting tackle such as shackles and eye bolts. The Dedicated team at Rope Services Direct aim to give the best customer experience possible, from quick quotations, swift turn around and quick delivery all at the most competitive prices; no job is too big or too small; Give our friendly sales team a call today, we are always happy to help.


If you use wire ropes then it is a good idea to understand their properties to ensure you get the most out of them whilst learning to use them safely.

Examples of our wire ropes and their constructions
Examples of our wire ropes and their constructions

In brief, a rope made of wire is made up of many tiny metal filaments that have been wrapped and braided together to form the inner wires, these are then twisted to form the larger strands which are subsequently twisted together in multiples to form the rope itself.

The way in which the wires and strands are twisted can be quite different with the resulting wire rope having differing properties such as non-rotating, low stretch, higher breaking strength and different constructions such as left or right hand lay and a 7×19 or 6×36; the numbers denote the number of wires and strands in the rope, i.e. a 6×36 rope has 6 strands each having 36 wires. Strands are often twisted/braided around an inner core to provide additional strength and/or flexibility; the core can be steel wire or fibre.

Due to the construction of wire ropes, regular inspection is important to identify any broken wires or strands which could have severe consequences if used without thorough inspection and testing; however if a few wires or a strand breaks during a lift it is most likely that the other wires and strands still intact will hold the load whilst safely lowered; the rope should then be destroyed. This is one of the main benefits of using wire rope rather than a chain due to the fact that if just 1 link breaks in the chain, the load will fall.

There are many factors which can affect the construction, including bad coiling using pulleys & sheaves etc. with grooves that are too big or too small, excessive pulling angles and twisting the rope the opposite way to its ‘lay’ construction, dirt ingress and poor lubrication.

You should always correctly identify the construction and breaking strength before use to ensure it will work safely for your intended application, the features of wire ropes to look out for include; breaking strength, diameter, corrosion resistance, flexibility and crush resistance.  

Wide range of products We stock wire ropes, stainless steel rope, fibre ropes, webbing in a range of sizes and a huge variety of end fittings, from thimbles and turnbuckles to rope grips and sockets and many more; we also supply all your basic lifting equipment products including manual chain blocks, lever hoists, plate lifting clamps, beam trolley’s and more.

Tailored to your needs All of the products we supply are of high quality and due to having our own factory, machinery and skilled work force we can tailor our products to meet your exact specifications, whether it is a bespoke, one off special wire rope or 1000 web slings.

Expert advice Let us help you choose the right product for your needs. View one of our videos or call our friendly and knowledgeable team who are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and can help you to choose the most appropriate product for your intended operation. Call us on 01384 78004 or contact us by the email contact form for a rapid reply.