Light to Medium Duty Cable Socks

light to medium duty cable socksCheck out our range of light to medium duty cable socks and order a custom assembly that is made to measure using the highest quality steel weave. With various lengths and load capacities on offer, you are sure to find what you need at Rope Services Direct.

Benefits of Light to Medium Duty Cable Socks

Wire rope socks are an important asset in a number of industries, allowing single cables or entire bundles to be pulled into position quickly and safely.

With our light to medium duty cable socks, you can achieve this with ease using a durable, bespoke assembly. Both single and double lattice weave socks are on offer, with breaking strengths varying between 760kg and seven tonnes.

single eye wire rope sock se  double eye wire rope sock - de  lace up wire rope sock - l

off set eye wire rope sock - os    open ended wore rope sock - ofibre optic wire rope sock

Other Options you might Appreciate

The light to medium duty wire rope socks are not all we can produce at Rope Services Direct. We also sell heavy duty cable socks as well as non-metallic cable socks which are resistant to corrosion, electrically insulated and suitable for use in environments where explosives are present.

All of our wire rope socks can be altered according to your needs, so there is almost no limit to the adjustments you can make when you order with us.

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