Fibre Optic Cable Sock

Suitable for use during the positioning of fibre optic cabling, this fibre optic cable sock forms part of our wide range of wire rope socks and is just as effective in overhead installation scenarios as it is for subterranean use. Wire rope socks such as these are used by telecommunication companies to help with laying fibre optic cabling to households. They allow cables to be guided through difficult obstacles and pulled into their required position.

Benefits of the Fibre Optic Cable Sock

Manufactured using galvanized steel strands interwoven to form a strong lattice, fibre optic socks offer breaking strength ratings of between 430kg and 1.9 tonnes. If you need heavy duty socks, we supply a broad selection of even sturdier examples. If you want versatile light to mid-duty socks, those are also available on our site.

Ask about our Wire Rope Sock options

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Size range (mm)Overall lengthLattice length (mm)Approx breaking strength (kg)
 2.5 – 5.6455265430
 5.3 – 9.2560370745
 8.1 – 12.5690470995
 10.7 – 15.87355151,245
 13.5 – 19.18155951,675
 16.3 – 22.48656451,925
 19.1 – 25.59407201,925