Heavy Duty Cable Socks

heavy duty cable socksHarness the power of our heavy duty cable socks and see how effective they are in a broad selection of industrial settings. With strength, durability and versatility at the core of their design, these wire rope socks are an excellent investment.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Cable Socks

When you need additional strength and load bearing capacity that goes beyond what our light to medium duty cable socks can offer, our heavy duty creations will be ideal.

The multi weave design means that the entire sock is more stable, secure and sturdy, so whatever type of load it needs to pull it should be up to the task. Capacities vary from around three tonnes to more than 22 tonnes, so you have a truly wide array of choice at your disposal by choosing Rope Services Direct.

HD multi weave wire rope socke - mu  HD high strength wire rope socks - A  HD single eye double weave wire rope socks

HD revolving eye type R  HD revolving eye wire rope socks

Different Sock Selections to buy

If our light and heavy duty wire rope socks are not safe to use in the environments you have in mind, then you should check out the non-metallic alternatives  we manufacture. These will be safe when harnessed alongside explosive substances, as sparks will not be created. They will also survive exposure to moisture, rather than corroding quickly.

Contact Rope Services Direct for Information & Quotes

If this quick overview of our heavy duty cable socks has left you hungry for more details, or in need of a quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can be reached by calling 01384 78004 or emailing via our contact page.