Non Metallic Cable Socks

non metallic cable socksIn addition to our light and heavy duty wire rope socks, we provide non metallic cable socks which are not conductive, corrodeable or liable to sparking. Tough, customizable and versatile, these cable grips provide a practical alternative to their steel counterparts.

Why Use Non Metallic Cable Socks?

Hauling cables into place using standard wire rope socks  is not safe or legal in many industrial settings. If there is a chance that the friction this creates could ignite a volatile gas, then it is not worth taking any risks.

That is where non metallic cable socks come into play, as they are produced using a space aged fibre that should run smoothly over a range of surfaces while remaining stable and spark-free.

non metallic single eye wire rope sock - aramid  non metallic double eye wire rope sock  non metallic off set eye wire rope sock

Lifespan of our Socks

Non metallic cable socks have the ability to withstand moist environments and being submersed in water without rusting, which is obviously a downside of metal assemblies. So for maneuvering fibre optics in aquatic settings, or arranging cables in hazardous scenarios, this type of sock will be effective.

In terms of load capacities, the non metallic options will match the light to medium duty wire rope socks, offering up to around seven tonnes of stable operation. For anything higher than this, the heavy duty wire rope socks will be required.

Seek Assistance with Wire Rope Queries

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