Double Eye Cable Sock

Unlike our single eye cable sock, this double eye cable sock variant has an open end. This lets the cabling protrude and even pass through the sock completely, so that multiple grips can be applied to the same length. Read on for more on the double eye wire rope sock. I you need a non metallic sock then head over to our double eye non metallic cable socks page

Specifications & Construction

Both single and double weave socks form part of this wider range, with the larger diameter socks with higher breaking load ratings taking advantage of this additional interlocking of steel strands.

Galvanized double eye socks are available, as well as corrosion-resistant stainless steel equivalents. Safety is assured thanks to the varied load limits, topping out at 7,110kg.

Place an order for the Double Eye Cable Sock

Rope Services Direct have tears of experience and can supply double eye cable socks of the precise specifications you require. When you call our sales team on 01384 78004 or drop them an email, they can provide quotes, additional product info and advice on any wire rope products.

double eye cable sock


Size range (mm)Lattice weaveLattice length (mm)Overall length (mm)Approx breaking strength (kg)
 10 – 13Single230305760
 13 – 19Single3554301,015
 19 – 25Single4055102,540
 25 – 38Single4556103,555
 38 – 50Double5357355,080
 50 – 63Double6108655,080
 63 – 89Double6859906,095
 89 – 115Double6859907,110
 115- 140Double6859907,110