Double Eye Non Metallic Cable Socks

As part of our non-metallic sock range, this double eye cable sock is packed with aramid fibres that provide plenty of strength and a good deal of resistance, both to corrosion and to electrical currents. Read on for more on the double eye non metallic cable socks.

Reduce risks with double eye non metallic cable socks

There are plenty of positive reasons to embrace this double eye non-metallic sock, chief amongst which is the safety benefits it brings to the table. If you need to minimise the likelihood of sparks being created and combustion caused during cable positioning duties, the fibres of this sock will be up to the task. Breaking loads of between 1.1 tonnes and 7.2 tonnes prove this material to be surprisingly strong and capable of competing with wire rope socks.

Buy cable pulling socks from us

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double eye non metallic cable socks

Size range (mm)Lattice length (mm)Approx breaking strength (kg)
single weave
 10 – 206111,115
 20 – 306111,620
 25 – 406111,620
 30 – 406112,230
 40 – 506112,640
double weave
 30 – 406114,470
 40 – 506115,390
 50 – 656117,210
 65 – 806117,210
 80 – 1006117,210