Lace Up Cable Sock

As the name suggests, this type of wire rope sock can be affixed to a cable bundle by literally lacing it around the outer surface, without having to pull it on at one end and slide it up the cable. This lace up cable sock is just one of the examples in our light to medium duty range of socks.

Lace-up Cable Sock options

These lace up wire rope cable socks can be specified across a range of sizes, lattice types, lengths and load limits.

Single weave options are for the lower sizes and range from 610kg to 3.5 tonnes in term of breaking load, while double weave examples are for the larger sizes and rise up to 7.1 tonnes in this respect. Our heavy duty range of socks provides even greater pulling power.

Buying a Lace Up Wire Rope Sock with Rope Services Direct

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lace up cable sock

Size range (mm)Lattice weaveLattice length (mm)Overall length (mm)Approx breaking strength (kg)
 10 – 13Single230305760
 13 – 19Single3554301,015
 19 – 25Single4055102,540
 25 – 38Single4556103,555
 38 – 50Double5357355,080
 50 – 63Double6108655,080
 63 – 89Double6859906,095
 89 – 115Double6859907,110
 115 – 140Double6859907,110