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The New Rope Services Direct Website

10 December, 2020

Welcome to the brand new website for rope services Direct where you will find all the same products and information as before but with a new look and easier to use format. What's more there are some products that will soon be available to buy directly online.

We don't just supply wire ropes! webbing products are another speciality of ours due to our own manufacturing facilities. We make and supply all types of webbing slings and other web products such as ratchet straps and other cargo restraints along with wear sleeves for added protection. 

Wire Ropes

We can supply wire rope of many kinds, so the chances are you will find the rope construction in the diameter you are looking for. Our team of wire rope riggers are also able to make up custom rope assemblies, so you can choose your rope and end fitting and we will make up your bespoke assembly to the exact length you require. Trailer and lorry ropes are a speciality and we can often replace these the day you pull up, in situ. Other uses for our ropes include crane ropes, security cables, winch rope, gym cables, ropes for use in theatres and so much more. 

We have a vast range of both galvanized wire ropes and stainless steel wire ropes to suit your needs so browse the site to find what you are looking for. Our site has an abundance of information regarding wire rope from its history to its modern usage. Each type of rope has detailed specifications and information on their respective pages, however you can simply call us if you need some advice. 

Other Products from Rope Services Direct

Besides wire ropes and webbing products we have a wide selection of other related merchandise available. Wire rope tools include lubrication, swagers, cutters and more; 

Fibre ropes are available in natural and man-made varieties and can be hand spliced if required. So if you need sisal, manila, cotton, polyester, nylon or polypropylene  we have it all at great prices.

We can also supply some lifting equipment which often go hand in hand with ropes and slings; lever hoists, chain blocks, clamps and wire rope pullers are all available right here.

If you need some type of equipment for working at heights then look no further, we have a great range of height safety equipment waiting for you.

Thank you for visiting our site! whatever you needs give Rope services Direct a go, we are a reputable, family orientated business with many years of experience and pride ourselves on affordable prices and great customer service. Call the friendly team on 01384 78004 today.