Long Dee Shackles

Here at Rope Services Direct we stock a wide range of dee shackles with varying lifting capabilities and features in order to benefit a wide range of clients and applications. Part of our range includes  long dee shackles, which is longer in length than the standard dee shackle.

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long dee shacklelong dee shackle stainlessThis product is all but the same as dee shackles except from the added length. It draws its name from the fact that it resembles the letter D, with the horizontal bar at the end being a removable safety pin. While it is easy to remove this pin, when it has been put securely in place it won’t be moving any time soon! Especially if you use pliers to tighten it up which is recommended? This ensures that all operations are kept safe.

The longer version of this product is obviously slightly longer in nature, allowing for items with a larger width to be fed through. We typically find that this piece of equipment is particularly popular in the marine industry for rigging purposes. They are typically used as piling shackles.

We can supply this product with up to internal lengths of 70mm.

It is constructed from stainless steel, and can have a galvanised coating added to it, which will feature a protective zinc coating. This offers further benefits with resistance to corrosion and chemicals, particularly useful if you plan to use this equipment outdoors regularly.

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