Dee Shackles

Rope Services Direct provide a range of shackles, perfect for a variety of operations and applications. Here you will find all relevant product information about our dee shackles.

More information on dee shackles

Dee shackles, ‘D’ shackles as you may see them being referred to, get their name from their ‘D’ shaped nature. They feature a rounded D-shaped stainless steel bar. This has a gap where the horizontal part of the letter usually is. Instead, here sits a steel pin, which can be both undone with ease, but also securely fastened when necessary.

This pin is removed so as to allow other pieces of equipment, such as slings, to be joined together with the dee shackle. The pin will then be put in place, allowing your operation to go ahead safely.

  long d shacklesbritish standard screw pin large dee shackle    british standard screw pin small d shacklebritish standard large dee shackle screw pin type    British Standard Small D Shackle safety bolt typeScrew Pin Alloy Dee Shackle  safety bolt alloy dee shackle


This equipment is more suitable for working with single leg slings, while bow shackles are better suited for multi-leg slings.

Our equipment has a safe working load of up to 55 tonnes, which is 55,000Kg, so they are more than capable of handling heavy duty operations! Available in standard steel or stainless.

The stainless steel version  are not only strong, but are also highly resistant to corrosion and chemical damage. We can further protect your dee shackle by applying a galvanized coating, which adds a protective layer of zinc to your equipment.

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