Bow Shackles

Rope Services Direct supply two very similar types of shackles – bow shackles and dee shackles. Here you will find everything that you need to know about the former, plus all relevant product ordering information. Bow shackles allow lifting slings to be used at certain angles; see chart below.

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Bow shackles – what are they?

A bow shackle is sometimes also referred to as an ‘O’ shackle. Given the fact that a large part of it resembles the letter itself. At one end it also has a pin, which can be easily removed by the user. But also securely fastened in place ready for the operation at hand.

It is similar to its counterpart in that it can have safe working loads of up to 55,000Kg, and is also constructed from heavy duty stainless steel or galvanized steel.

There is an important distinction between bow shackles and dee shackles however. Given that a bow shackle has a more rounded anchoring point, it can take loads from various angles but the working load limit will be reduced. Only screw pin and safety bolt type shackles can be loaded at these angles. Refer to the table for the angles and relevent load reductions. It is also able to handle a larger strap.

bow shackle load angles

The only thing to note is that generally the ‘O’ shape can sometimes offer less strength than the ‘D’ shape.

As with our dee shackles, we can galvanise this equipment so that it can offer better protection against harmful elements.


Ready to order?

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