British Standard Screw Pin Large Dee Shackle

If you need a shackle for your operation which complies with British Standards, you have come to the right place. This British standard screw pin large dee shackle is available in a wide range of sizes with working load limits up to 20 tonnes.

Why choose the British Standard Screw Pin Large Dee Shackle?

British standard screw pin large dee shackleThese specific dee shackles incorporate a standard screw pin opening to enable quick and easy fitting. After hand tightening the screw pin it is wise to further crank the pin with another tool such as a pair of pliers or a screw driver through the hole. This is to ensure the maximum tightness is achieved to alleviate the threat of un-screwing.

This Dee shackle conforms to BS (British standard) 3032 table 2; so you can be assured of a quality and safe lifting shackle. We can also supply these shackles in a small dee variety or a British standard screw pin large bow shackle.

Sizes of the large dee shackle with screw pin

There are many size options for this shackle which increase in increments alongside the increase of the working load limit. WLL’s begin at 0.25 tonnes with an inside width of ½ inch and inside length of 1 inch. The sizes go up to a 20 tonne WLL with the inside width being4 ¼ inches and inside length of 8 ¼ inches. All these shackles have minimum breaking load safety factors of 5 x WLL.

Ordering a Shackle

There are a number of ways to order these dee shackles. Firstly you can phone us on 01384 78004, or you could use the rapid enquiry form flashing in the top right hand corner. Alternatively you can email us with your details via the contact us page

Here is all the technical data you are likely to need.small dee screw pin shackle

Working Load LimitDiameter BowDiameters PinDiameter EyeInside WidthInside LengthWeight Each
tonsa inchb inchc inchd inche inchkg