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Long dee shackles

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Long Dee Shackles

Long Dee Shackles

If you work in the construction industry then you will know that sometimes a special type of shackle is needed. This is especially so during the ground preparation work. Our range of long dee shackles (piling shackles) are ideal for use throughout many types of ground prep tasks.

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About Long Dee Shackles (Piling Shackles)

Long dee shackles are also called piling shackles as they are commonly used for anchoring to

steel piling sheets for shoring up the ground. They need to be longer than a standard dee shackle to enable them to be located through the hole lower down the piling sheets.

These high tensile steel shackles have an MBL = 5 x working load limit safety factor. The pin is a type ‘A’ screw collar pin. The alloy dee piling shackle is self coloured  and comes in a range of sizes to meet many situations. With 1 tonne up to 5 tonne  WLL’s and a few incremental sizes in between we should have a long dee shackle to suit your weight needs. The maximum inside length is 305mm for the largest shackle, see the chart for more details.

Remember these shackles are part of our larger full lifting shackle range and that Rope Services Direct can supply web slings, wire rope slingsfibre ropes and bespoke wire rope assemblies  and fittings to suit your operation

Contacting RSD about long Dee shackles

01384 78004 is the number to dial if you need to talk to us, whether it’s for advice or to place an order  and make a payment. Our friendly team are always ready to help.

Working Load Limit Diameter Bow Diameters of Pin Diameter Eye Width Inside Length Inside Weight Each
tons a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm kg
1 13 16 32 22 152 0.55
1.5 16 19 38 32 203 0.95
2 19 22 45 38 203 1.64
3 22 25 50 45 254 2.29
3.75 25 28 57 50 254 3.4
5 28 32 64 54 305 5.05

long dee shackle