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Rope Services Direct supply top-quality tow rope and chains which suitable for a multitude of purposes, as the name suggests, they are ideal for towing cars and Lorries.

A particular use is at festivals where event organisers use tow ropes to get the cars out of the mud! Tow ropes are also good to carry if you are off-roading, work on a farm, or will possibly be driving in muddy conditions. Available in a range of breaking strengths and different lengths they are incredibly easy to use, even for the layman.

Tow ropes are very heavy-duty ropes and can be bought today from Rope Services Direct UK. Call us today on 01384 78004 to order your tow rope and we can dispatch it through to you in 2-3 working days.

 hand spliced tow ropes flat belt tow ropes

Custom Tow Ropes

Due to the fact that we have our own machines we can usually make up a tow rope or other lifting sling to suit your specific requirements. We can produce tow ropes from polypropylene, kinetic energy recovery rope, steel tow rope or even flat webbing belt tow ropes.

When the need arises to tow a vehicle you will often need more than just a simple rope, for secure anchoring the rope will need steel thimbles spliced directly into the end of the rope to allow simple yet secure attachment to the recovery vehicle. The other end will need a hook with a safety catch and shackle for fixing to the broken vehicle.

Popular Towing Kitstow rope kit

Our most popular tow ropes are sold in complete kit form with everything you will likely need for vehicle recovery. The length of standard tow ropes is about 5 metres, but as we make them here we can produce different lengths easily to suit you.

The kinetic energy tow rope is made from nylon with soft eyes at each end with a wear sleeve, these ropes have a maximum breaking load of 12 tonnes when new, they are 24mm in diameter and 8 metres long.

Polypropylene tow ropes are robust, being water and rot proof; they are flexible and come with a soft eye at each end with a wear sleeve for extra strength and easier attachment. Our kits come in 2 sizes, 24mm with a maximum breaking load of 7.6 tonnes or 28mm diameter for a max.  breaking load of 10 tonnes, both when new. They are 5 metres long as standard.

Other Tow Kits

tow rope kitOur poly steel kit is professionally spliced by our team to incorporate a steel eye thimble at each end comes complete with 2 shackles and 2 hooks with safety catches for easier fixing to a vehicle. They are 5 metres long as standard and available in 2 sizes, 24mm for 10.5 tonne max. Breaking load and also 28mm for 15 tonne max. breaking load when new.

The flat webbing tow rope has a maximum breaking strength of 14 tonnes, and is UV resistant and flexible. They incorporate a soft eye at each end with a wear sleeve for extra protection and the kit comes complete with 2 shackles and also 2 hooks with safety catches for easier attachment to vehicles.flat web tow rope

Buying a Tow Rope Kit

Its easy to purchase a tow rope kit  or other form of lifting sling from Rope Services Direct; simply call us on 01384 78004 or email us via the rapid enquiry button or contact us page.

How to use a tow rope

Having a tow rope in your car can be a lifesaver; it can help to get you or other vehicles out of sticky situations. You should, however know how to connect one, and tow correctly, here’s how!

  • 1) Find a suitable anchor point on which to attach the rope. This may be a tow ball hitch, a tow ring/hook fitted under the vehicles bumper or the chassis itself; this may mean getting under the car. A specific tow ring/hook it the best and easiest option, and many newer cars will have these. They may be at the front, rear or both; on the left, right or centre of the cars framework.
  • 2) Once you have located the anchor point, look at your tow rope; does it have a hook with a safety catch or a shackle that can be fitted directly to the anchor point, or does your rope have eyes to attach a hook or to thread through. If it is a simple rope it will need to be looped, threaded through the anchor point and tied securely.
  • 3) The same procedure should be applied to the towing vehicle, to fit the other end of the tow rope.
  • 4) The towing vehicle should now move off very slowly until the rope is taught; it should be kept under this tension all the time.
  • 5) You can now release the handbrake of the stuck vehicle, and hopefully the tow vehicle will pull you out successfully.
  • 6) As soon as you are free, apply the handbrake and turn off the engine before removing the tow rope. Never drive off with the tow rope still attached.

Please Note

The person in the vehicle that is being towed out must steer, and pay careful attention to the tow vehicle’s brake lights and manoeuvres using brakes as necessary to prevent accidents.

Please note this is just a basic guide to using a tow rope to free you; there are other necessities to consider if you are to tow on the open road.


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