Flat Belt Tow Ropes

Order custom flat belt tow ropes from Rope Services Direct and reap the benefits of high durability, excellent load capacity and cost-effectiveness offered by this type of assembly.

Why Choose Flat Belt Type Tow Ropes?

flat belt tow ropesIn spite of being compact, light weight and easy to store,  flat belt tow ropes will also provide a surprising amount of strength. The examples we produce can haul loads of up to 14 tonnes while remaining flexible, safe and resilient.

Another reason to pick this type of tow rope is that it will deliver a high level of resistance to UV rays, so even if it is exposed to sunlight over long periods it will not deteriorate and lose its structural integrity.


What is Included with this assembly?

We supply our flat belt type tow ropes with soft eye loops at either end, along with a pair of shackles and hooks, letting you pick and choose the type of fixture you use according to the situation you face.

If you are looking for a hand spliced tow rope, you can also find these on our site. We make each rope to order and can include a range of accessories according to your needs and budget.

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