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1mm 6%C3%977 galvanised wire rope

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1mm 6x7 Galvanised Wire Rope Fibre Core

1mm 6x7 Galvanised Wire Rope Fibre Core

With its very narrow 1mm diameter, you might be surprised to learn that this galvanised rope manages to pack in a 6x7 configuration of wire strands, wrapped around a central fibre core. 1mm 6x7 Galvanised Wire Rope is extremely light and flexible, making it versatile and hard-wearing.

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Facts & figures on 1mm 6x7 Galvanised Wire Rope with Fibre Core

This wire rope is actually sold with different grades of galvanised steel used in its construction. This has an impact on the load limit and other important metrics relating to potential performance, so give the technical data table below a thorough examination before proceeding.

The heaviest load which can be handled by this rope is 66kg. This is modest but not surprising for a rope with a diameter of just 1mm. As such you might normally expect to see this rope crop up in fencing and other applications where its WLL is not that relevant.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
1 0.35 0.59 60 0.65 66

Other benefits

Being able to resist corrosion is key to the appeal of this rope, since conditions that might create rust in other untreated metals will not pose a problem.

Choose 6x7 construction galvanised rope from our site and combine it with fittings to get a completely unique assembly, built in-house by Rope Services Direct. Our permanent fittings include turnbuckles, swaged terminals and sockets and of course ferrules. Other fittings include thimbles, rope grips, swageless terminals and hooks.

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