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Stainless steel bow shackle screw pin

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Stainless Steel Bow Shackle Screw Pin

Stainless Steel Bow Shackle Screw Pin

We stock a wide range of stainless steel bow shackles here at Rope Services Direct including this stainless steel bow shackle screw pin variety.  We are able to supply these shackles in both tested and un-tested versions. The untested shackles should not be used for lifting purposes but the tested shackles are safe to use for lifting within their working load limit. Please state which type you require when ordering.

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Stainless Steel Bow Shackle Screw Pin     

These particular stainless steel bow shackles come with a typical screw pin that most standard shackles have. They screw in and out with ease to enable the fitting / connection of other products, such as a thimble end wire rope. When you have tightened the screw pin by hand it is advisable to further turn the pin with a pair of pliers to ensure it is perfectly tight.

Produced from high quality materials these shackles have all the usual properties of stainless steel; high resistance, robust and have a long working life. We stock many other types of fittings in stainless steel too.

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Alongside these shackles we can also manufacture and supply stainless steel rope, webbing slings & fibre ropes to suit your requirements including special assemblies. Many types of lifting gear can also be supplied at great value prices; our range of lifting gear includes lever hoists, chain blocks, wire rope pullers and beam attachments.

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WLL Body mm Pin Dia mm Inside Width mm Jaw Gap  mm
0.33T 5 6 22 9
0.50T 6 8 28 11
0.75T 8 10 31 13
1T 10 11 36 16
2T 12 16 48 20
3T 16 19 60 26


Pin Dia mm Bow Width mm Length Inside  mm Width Inside mm
4 14 14 8
5 17 17.5 10
6 21 21 12
8 28 28 16
10 34 35 20
12 42 42 24
16 42 56 32