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Web Sling Re-Webs

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Web sling re-webs are used cases that web slings suffer from some form of damage. If the damage is too severe then the web sling will need to be discarded.  Minor damage to a web sling can often be repaired by a specialist.

About Web Sling Re-webs 

It is possible to have your webbing slings re-webbed. If you have old and/or worn out webbing on your lifting sling then re-webs can help. Web sling Re-webs can be much more cost efficient than purchasing a new sling. They also enable you to re-use your own fittings, rather than to buy a completely new web sling configuration complete with webbing and fittings.

Rope Services Direct offers a complete re-web service which is carried out in our factory with our own machinery. We can re-web your slings using existing fittings.  We are also able to supply the sleeves for web slings for extra protection.

Lifting slings which have been re-webbed are proof loading prior to use and certification issued for your records.

Call us on 01384 78004 at Rope Services Direct to order your re-webs custom made to your precise needs.

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As with all types of lifting equipment, keeping a constant check on its condition is crucial to health and safety. Even the slightest bit of damage could be detrimental to safety if it is in a particular place. You should never be complacent about the safety and condition or your slinging equipment. Check them regularly, here are the standard recommendations;

INITIAL INSPECTION: prior to any sling being placed inaction, it must be checked over by a competent person to make sure that the right sling is being used for the task, and also to establish that the sling meets all necessary requirements and has not been damaged in delivery.

FREQUENT INSPECTION:  This inspection should be made by a designated person handling the sling every time the sling is used.  You should be on the lookout for cuts, holes and/or tears as well as stitching which has come undone. Other things to look for include worn eyes and worn or corroded or distorted fittings. These can also be detrimental as can burns from acidic substances, caustics or heat.


Thorough inspections should be conducted AT LEAST 6 monthly by a qualified person, load tests can also be performed during this check.   You should retain inspection paperwork whilst the item is in use.

Rope Services Direct have qualified engineers, trained in thorough inspections, thus we can offer you a complete service from supplying new products, manufacturing bespoke products or repairing your old ones.

Legally you should have all lifting equipment thoroughly inspected at timely intervals. Lifting accessories such as slings should be inspected at least every 6 months. It is 12 months for large equipment like cranes and hoists. Sometimes, depending on how you use your equipment, inspections will occur more frequently. Inspections will detect potential problems often whilst they are still repairable. Once repaired and re-checked you will receive new certification.


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