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Light Duty Protective Sleeve Tubing

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Keeping a lifting sling in good working order and limiting wear and tear is not always easy. But with our light duty protective sleeve tubing you can extend the life of your lifting gear affordably.

Benefits of Light Duty Protective Sleeve Tubing

As the name suggests, this type of sleeving is capable of boosting the protection for wire rope lifting slings. Most notable you are adding a layer that will separate the load from the cable fibres to avoid damage.

Our light duty protective sleeving is fashion from a tube of webbing. While not quite as durable as our heavy duty sleeves  it should provide adequate protection for most lifting applications. Just remember to follow lifting equipment regulations and conduct frequent checks to ensure no issues arise.

light duty protective sleeve tubing

Alternative Sleeving Materials to Consider

light duty protective sleeving tubeAs well as our webbing-based sleeves, you can order molded protective sleeving  if you require a sling assembly that is resistant to heat, chemical corrosion, moisture and other hazards.

All of our protective sleeving is made to order and you have the option of fitting the webbing tube yourself, or investing in an entire wire rope sling that comes with all of the key components already attached.


Get Help with Product Problems

If you are in the dark about protective sleeves, call the Rope Services Direct team on 01384 78004 or drop us an email with your lifting sling question and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We can provide product info, quotes and general guidance on the fly.


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