25 mm Soft Loop Each End One Way Slings

Our soft loop single use lifting slings come in two widths, with both these 25 MM soft loop each end one way slings and the broader 50MM slings available from Rope Services Direct. Endless One way lifting slings are also readily available. Made to order these slings can be customized by length and eye diameter. This ensures it will suit your lifting operation seamlessly. All our slings have a stitched in label with all the details on them. Details include safe working loads and tracking information.

50 mm soft loop each end one way sling

  25 MM Soft Loop Each End One Way Slings

These disposable slings come with a soft loop at each end, allowing them to hold loads safely to prevent injury during manual handling. While they are suitable for single use, they can also be re-used thanks to their hard-wearing construction.

To learn more about the soft loop slings we sell, or to ask any other lifting sling related  questions, call 01384 78004 or fill out the contact form on our site to get in touch with us today. Check out our full range of lifting slings. We have fibre rope ones and wire rope ones as well as web slings. There may be something better suited to your specific lifting task.