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Lifting Chains

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Rope Services Direct are pleased to offer a wide variety of lifting chains. All are supplied complete with certification and are available in single and multi-leg (2 leg, 3 leg and 4 leg) chain versions.

We sell both grade 8 and 10 steel from brands like Gunnebo. Lifting chains are custom-made to each customer’s requirements. Meaning we can vary the length, working load limits and also attachments such as hooks. We also supply a basic range of lifting gear to compliment the chain slings.

Lifting Chains / Chain Slings

Rope Services Direct can supply, inspect, test and repair all types of lifting chains and chain slings. Chain slings are a popular piece of lifting equipment and are commonly used in many types of everyday lifting applications. Lifting chains & slings come in a range of configurations including single leg slings, 2 leg slings, 3 leg slings and 4 leg slings. The choice of lifting chains & slings used is largely dependent on the type of load which is to be lifted and the way in which it needs to be handled. Lifting chains can be used in a variety of hitches, however the hitch type will affect the overall working load limit of the sling.

We can also supply multi leg web slings in industrial webbing in a wide range of sizes, these can be custom made to your specifications due to us having our own industrial sewing machines. Wire Rope Slings are another option for slinging purposes.

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2 Leg Chain Slings

2 leg slings can be utilized in many different hitches, straight, choke, basket, drum and 2 leg with just one leg utilized. Here’s the diagrams of how they are normally used in addition to their respective working load limit (WLL)

1, STRAIGHT LIFT; In normal circumstances the WLL is going to be as for a two leg sling.

2, CHOKE HITCH: The WLL must be not more than 80% of the WLL for a 2 leg sling.

3, BASKET HITCH: This should be rated as a 2 leg sling. The angle of any leg shouldn’t exceed 45 degrees from the vertical axis. (this sort assumes the looks of a 4 leg sling. However it needs to be noted that the master link will probably be suitable for 2 leg loads only and so the sling therefore, be rated as a 2 leg.)

4, DRUM SLING: Must be rated as a single sling. (With this configuration the included angle needs to be maintained as close as possible to 60 degrees (30 degrees from vertical). If then drums of various lengths are to be lifted, a shortening clutch needs to be attached. So that the length of chain may be adjusted to keep this angle).

5, TWO LEG SLING; WITH ONLY ONE LEG USED: This should be rated at half the working load marked on the sling, the WLL needs to be not more than 80% if utilized in choke hitch. (two leg slings with just one leg in use must make certain that the unused leg is hooked securely back out of the way.)


2 Single Leg Chain Slings Used Together

2 single leg chain slings really should not be used together to create a pair unless:

They are the identical type, grade, size and length.

They are both marked with the same WLL rating

The included angle between the two legs will not exceed 90 degrees or 45 degrees from vertical

The crane hook is big enough to comfortably receive both upper terminal fittings of the sling.

1, STRAIGHT LIFT: WLL should be rated as a 2 leg sling. The WLL, as a result will be the same as a similar 2 leg sling.

2, CHOKE HITCH: The WLL must be not more than 80% of the WLL for a 2 leg sling.

3, BASKET HITCH: Should be rated as a 2 leg sling. The WLL must be not more than the equivalent 2 leg sling.


3 Leg Chain Slings

STRAIGHT LIFT:  under ordinary conditions the WLL would be the same as for 3-leg slings.

CHOKE HITCH: The WLL must be not more than 80% of the WLL for a 3-leg sling. (Rate as stated only in incidences where the load appears to be sensibly and as equally distributed as possible between all 3-legs. If 2 are supporting the majority of the load, rate at 2/3 of the marked WLL.)


4 Leg lifting chains

STRAIGHT LIFT:  Under normal conditions the WLL is going to be as for the WLL for 4-leg slings

CHOKE HITCH: The WLL must be not more than 80% of the WLL for a 4-leg sling.

DOUBLE BASKET SLING: This should be rated like a 4-leg. ( This applies to double basket slings that are intended as such and should be fitted with a strong enough master assembly. It doesn’t apply to a 2-leg sling which is back hooked. The maximum  angle should be 90 degrees measured diagonally between opposite legs or a max. 45 degrees from the vertical plane.)

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