Four Leg Chain Sling

Rope Services Direct are proud to sell a varied number of fully tested and certified chains including the four leg chain sling ready to order now. We offer a choice of either grade 8 or grade 10 steel. Including such quality brands as Gunnebo, you’re sure to find the sling you want.

Four leg chain sling – 4 leg lifting chains

four leg chain sling 4 leg chain slingOur four leg chain sling is bespoke to fit your individual job. This ensures a load limit, size and general design that you know will work. We can also attach tailor made peripheral parts, like hooks and master links.

Selecting the optimum lifting sling for the job you have in mind is absolutely essential. This is because overloading it is extremely dangerous. If the sling is overloaded and breaks, it will likely damage the item you’re lifting and cause serious injury too. Our excellent range of slings for lifting purposes includes single leg types, endless slings, fibre rope slings and coated slings, so it’s worth examining all the products available before you commit to buying.

Tell us your sling requirements now

Thanks to our spacious warehouse in the West Midlands, Rope Services Direct are able to sell an exemplary variety of four leg type chain lifting slings to both businesses and individuals. Simply tell us today what you need using our straightforward form. To ask for advice or bounce a question off us, call 01384 78004. A friendly member of our expert team will quickly assist you.