Wear Sleeves

Rope Services Direct are delighted to provide in-house manufactured wear sleeves to suit all types of cargo straps, ratchet lashings and lifting slings. We have our own industrial sewing facilities with experienced operators to ensure you get exactly what you need every time. We aim for a quick turnaround at low cost prices so get in touch with your requirements today. Contact us by email here.

The Purpose of Wear Sleeves

Wear sleeves provide extra protection for lifting slings from wear, abrasion, corrosion and other threats.  They can be slipped onto any type of lifting sling of the same size for which they were made.

Due to the way in which lifting slings are used, wear and abrasions often occur. This is especially so in high contact areas such as occurs when the same objects are lifted by the same sling repeatedly. The areas of the sling which come into contact with the load are subject to the wear, friction and the forces implied by the shape and weight of the load being lifted.

These high wear areas also occur depending on the type of load. For example a wooden crate will have sharp corners; these would greatly benefit from some wear sleeves. A rounded object would probably produce wear around its central point of impact though it wouldn’t pose a risk of scoring/cutting the webbing like a square object would.

These wear sleeves are compatible with any of our lifting slings and can be supplied in any length and/or width required. The wear sleeve can usually be positioned wherever you need it, this could be at the end, near the eye or fitting. Or else in the middle, which is where the main wear commonly occurs. Again much of this is dependent on the shape, size and weight of the load.

The Benefits of using Protective Sleeves.

Because wear sleeves help to protect your lifting sling from wear and damage, it is almost certain that they will last a whole lot longer than if you use a sling without one. This  is obviously more cost effective than replacing the complete sling more often due to wear and tear.

Another key benefit to using wear sleeves is that they also offer protection to the load itself. This can be very beneficial when handling more delicate and fragile objects. The wear sleeve offers an extra layer of protection for the load and sling. Load safety is paramount.

Custom Sleeves Available

We have a range of materials from which we can custom manufacture your wear sleeves from. You can choose from standard/ light duty webbing or heavy-duty webbing as well as PVC tube options. We can also supply cargo corner protectors for added load protection.

We aim to manufacture our wear sleeves in 2 to 3 working days. Call 01384 78004 for a quotation and to confirm the details of your order.