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Cargo Corner Protectors

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Why use Cargo Corner Protectors ? When you are using ratchet lashings or any other form of cargo restraint, whether webbing, rope or chain, they need to be pulled extremely tightly over the cargo/load, this can sometimes result in damage, either to the load, if the edges which make contact with the lashing are not very strong, or to webbing itself, if the edges are sharp.

Cargo Corner Protectors Available

Rope Services Direct offers a range of corner protectors. These can greatly reduce the risk of damage to both cargo and lashing. Made from robust plastic materials the protectors add a protective layer between the cargo and the strap/lashing. This will protect the load from localised damage. They also help to distribute the pressure/force of the tight lashings over a wider area. Whilst offering further protection to the load and cargo strap.

We offer small, medium and large protectors in heavy duty plastic to suit a range of cargo types. These protectors can be used with ratchet chain binders too.

If you are using cargo restraints on a regular basis you may want to invest in some of these corner protectors; they provide a cost effective way to protect your lashing equipment and therefore extending its working life. Protecting loads from potential damage can also have many advantages, especially when transporting a valued customer’s cargo.

cargo corner protectors

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