6×19 Wire Core Tower Crane Rope

Unlike our 6×19 construction fibre core tower crane rope, this 6×19 wire core tower crane rope alternative sticks with steel throughout. It is suitable for heavy duty hoisting applications, while still remaining relatively light and unquestionably durable.

Why 6×19 Wire Core Tower Crane Rope?

6x19 wire core tower crane ropeIt may not be as flexible and low in mass as its fibre core counterpart, but this type of tower crane rope makes up for this by being stronger, more stable and better able to resist the kind of wear and tear that it will invariably encounter during use.

Produced using high quality steel, it benefits from thorough galvanisation which limits corrosion over time. Bear in mind that rope with this construction is not designed to counteraction rotation, so it should not be used in parts of a tower crane that swivel and involve load movement that might cause dangerous twisting, compromising safety.

Different Tower Crane cable options

This 6×19 construction rope is just one of the tower crane-related products we provide. You can find 24×7 construction compacted wire rope that is suitable for the hoist. You can invest in super sturdy 35×7 construction compacted wire rope  for even more strength. We also supply wire ropes for other types of cranes.

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