35×7 Compacted Tower Crane Hoist Rope

When you need a hoist rope on a tower crane the 35×7 compacted tower crane hoist rope is great.  It boasts a compacted construction for ease of handling. Whilst allowing for a smaller diameter rope with more strength.  Take a look at our comprehensive crane rope range if you need something different.

Perks of 35×7 Compacted Tower Crane Hoist Rope

35x7 compacted tower crane hoist ropeTower cranes are expected to complete rigorous work cycles as efficiently and safely as possible.  The wire rope used by this type of machinery has to be tough and hard working. Crane rope often needs to be resistant to rotation to avoid unwanted movement of heavy loads.

The 35×7 construction compacted wire rope offers all of these properties and more. With minimum breaking loads of more than 2200kN available on the largest diameter examples. The compaction also helps them to run smoothly during hoisting, which should minimise downtime.

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