24×7 Compacted Tower Crane Hoist Rope

Order your next batch of 24×7 compacted tower crane hoist rope from Rope Services Direct and take advantage of our completely bespoke manufacturing process. We supply tower crane rope of various types, so you are sure to find what you need on our site.

Why choose 24×7 compacted tower crane hoist rope?

24x7 compacted tower crane hoist ropeLike all our wire rope productions, the quality and durability of this particular variant is exceptional. This rope can resist the effects of fatigue. It also keeps corrosion to a minimum and meet quality and safety standards that are essential in this market. As a non-rotating rope this particular model will not twist and unravel when under load. This is often a priority for crane ropes.

Tower cranes typically have to handle heavy loads in the construction sector, which is why such durable properties are important. With 24×7 construction compacted rope, you get significant strength and a minimum breaking force that will give you complete confidence throughout lengthy lifting operations.


Our Crane rope range

As well as tower crane rope, we supply top quality wire rope for a range of other crane types. From specialist options like our steel mill ladle crane rope, to more general products like our overhead crane rope selection, you will encounter every format and configuration of rope under the sun here at RSD.

Ordering from us

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