24×7 nr Compacted Piling Crane Hoist Rope

Are rotation and fatigue resistance are at the top of your checklist when looking for piling crane rope? If so then our 24×7 nr compacted piling crane hoist rope range will be a must-buy. The compaction helps to keep the diameter to a minimum, which is just the first of a number of perks worth mentioning.

Benefits of 24×7 nr Compacted Piling Crane Hoist Rope

24x7 nr compacted piling crane hoist ropeSo what exactly are the diameters available for this type of wire rope? The narrowest of the lot measures just 8 millimetres across, while the thickest tops out at 22 millimetres.

Minimum breaking loads are similarly varied, ranging from 52kN to 423kN. This should provide suitable for various heavy duty tasks. If you need plastic impregnation to further improve the durability of this wire rope, this is an option.

Crane rope galore

Our crane rope range is undeniably extensive, consisting of piling crane rope like this, along with examples that work well for ship cranes, dockside cranes, steel mill cranes and container cranes.

Maintaining and inspecting cranes of all kinds is important, as you need to make sure the rope remains in tip top condition to avoid safety hazards. With our market-leading products, your peace of mind is assured.

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